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What is Point Of Sale Marketing?

   The term “point of sale marketing” refers to marketing measures that promote sales during purchase.

Who implements Point-of-Sale Marketing?

    Retailers and Restaurants commonly use Point-Of-Sale marketing tricks to encourage customers to make last-minute purchases. However, there are other retailers, who are doing POS.

•  Grocery Stores:

      Grocery stores commonly arrange merchandise like magazines, chocolates, batteries, etc in the cash counter section. Items near the POS usually move 3 times faster than products that are placed on the shelf. Whereas very popular supermarkets have reported that items at POS sell 64 times faster.

•  Gas stations:

   Similarly, they line up the products at their register counter. Items like chocolates, energy bars sell fast.

•  Fast Food Restaurants:

  Restaurants display desserts and gift cards that would tempt the user to buy.

•  Retail Businesses:

   Retail businesses like hardware stores, auto stores, etc place their own low item tickets around their checkout location.

•  Starbucks:

     Starbucks is particularly a good example of POS. They have their low-ticket merchandise displayed at POS.

•  Non-Profit Organizations:

They sell their mementoes like pinups, icons, etc at the point of sale which visually represents a donation made, and offers the customer a social reward for donating.

For what kind of customer Point Of Sale marketing is effective?

POS marketing appeals most to impulse customers who are not particularly loyal to a brand.

Also, POS tends to have a universal appeal.

Types of POS Displays:

•  Counter Displays

•  Floor Displays

•  Shelf Talkers

•  Posters

•  Video and digital signage.

    In online business, people usually add the items to the cart and on the payment page, there will be some items that you can add with a sale. This is called OTS (One Time Sale). Here POS is implemented.

So, how are you planning to implement POS in your business?

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