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What is Close-Range Marketing?

   Close Range Marketing (CRM) is widely known as proximity marketing, where it uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send advertising messages about products and services to a customer’s smartphone within a limited radius. Venus such as airports, banks, hotels, restaurants mostly uses this technique.

Who uses Close Range Marketing?

Most of the small and large corporations use CRM. The store located inside the shopping mall can use this approach and most of the airports use this method of marketing by providing free Wi-Fi.

Why will mobile “Close Range Marketing” accelerate?

• Close Range Marketing means that the customers will be engaged with their mobile phones within a defined range which would be ideal for malls, retail outlets, departmental stores, etc.

• When the service is based on Bluetooth signal, the retailers would find it easy to send information to customers who are interested to receive content such as videos, music, etc at no additional cost because there is no interaction through mobile carriers.

• Retailers can sign-up with digital kiosks in specific locations and broadcast ads to mobile devices to enhance their ideas and distribute advertising digitally.

• Retailers can record all the devices that have been identified and they can make a note of the accepted and rejected ads by the customers. The data can be used in future to review the advertisements and improve the quality.

• Retailers can manage and measure their campaigns in real-time because Close Range marketing is done in real-time.

• It quickly measures and optimizes for mobile messaging in any region or application.

• It is inexpensive.

So, how can you implement Close Range Marketing in your business? Just think about it.

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