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What is Subconscious Marketing?

Marketing efforts can be greatly enhanced by utilizing your subconscious mind. You can encourage your business to succeed in your industry by planting seeds in the minds of customers. This allows them to make decisions before they are even aware that they are making them.

  How to achieve successful Subconscious Marketing?

   In order to tailor your marketing strategies subconsciously to reach your customers, you must first think about their psychological needs. It can be difficult to understand how to trigger an emotional response, but it is imperative that you influence only a positive response.

  Your campaigns must be built upon the following emotional values: 

· Power

· Security

· Acknowledgement

· Knowledge

· Affection

· Liberty

· Money

· Tradition

In your marketing strategy, you’ll base your core values heavily on your industry, target market, and brand message. The leading brands have spent a considerable amount of time determining which emotional “needs” to target to achieve their marketing goals.


  Coca Cola launched its global ‘Open Happiness’ campaign in 2009, which featured short videos on TV, in cinemas, and outdoors. A ‘feel good’ reaction is elicited from viewers, targeting the most universal emotion – happiness.  Coca Cola still maintains the ‘happiness’ theme throughout their website, including a ‘What makes us happy? ‘Infographic, as well as ‘choose to smile’ videos and more. 

The famous L’Oreal slogan “because you’re worth it” is another excellent example of a slogan that links to the principle of recognition. These four simple, yet highly effective words have endured through time, becoming the brand’s signature phrase. In turn, this automatically triggers a deep feeling of appreciation and recognition for being oneself – something that everyone strives to achieve.

   It has been proven that brands that adopt subconscious marketing techniques tend to succeed in their industries.

   How are you planning to implement Subconscious Marketing in your business?

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