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What is Green Marketing?

   The term “green marketing” refers to products and services that are environmentally friendly. As more people become concerned about environmental issues, it is becoming more popular as they decide to spend their money in a way that is better for the environment.

Goals of Green Marketing:

1.                      Developing sustainable business practices

2.                      Taking social responsibility seriously

3.                      Reducing expenses (packaging, transportation, energy/water consumption, etc.)

4.                      Demonstrating how products or services are safe and mindful.

Green Marketing Methods:

· For print marketing materials, use environmentally friendly papers and inks

· Eliminate printing altogether and opt for electronic marketing instead

· Recycling and responsible waste disposal are important

· Packaging products in an eco-friendly manner

· Energy sources that are eco-friendly

· Taking steps to reduce environmental impact.

Green marketing can be incorporated into your business marketing strategy in the following ways:

· Advertisements (digital, TV, radio) can convey your green message.

· Throughout all customer contact channels (websites, blogs, e-mail, Facebook, mobile marketing, coupons, word-of-mouth, cold calling, retargeting, etc. ), promote green aspects of your company.

· Create a market research plan to educate consumers and recommend green improvements to your niche

· Creating cross-promotional partnerships with similar businesses

· Provide support for eco-friendly initiatives and initiatives corresponding to the community

· Focus on sustainable production

  To put it another way, make green a part of your brand. You must commit fully to the concept of green marketing in your marketing plan if you want it to succeed. Your marketing plan must incorporate green design, positioning, pricing, logistics, as well as disposal. When you focus on environmental awareness as a number one goal for your business, you succeed in terms of sales and customer loyalty. Brands that are green get more profits and build a reputation for being trustworthy in the long run.

Example: In its social awareness campaign “Carrybag Kasthuri”, the Sunland sunflower oil refinery has positioned itself as a green ambassador, urging consumers to say no to plastic bags.

How are you planning to implement Green Marketing in your business?

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