Guerrilla Marketing Campaign by Colgate.

  A business of any size can use guerrilla marketing, and it is often more accessible to smaller businesses than other big-budget marketing programs owned by big corporations. A key element of guerrilla marketing is creativity.

   Guerrilla marketing is a breath of fresh air in today’s world, where people are absorbed by digital screens and bombarded with excessive advertising. A brand can stand out from the crowd by using this technique. Investing a portion of the marketing budget in these types of activities, regardless of the size of the company, is a valuable resource for companies looking to expand their visibility and reach.

  A toothbrush-shaped Popsicle stick from Colgate:

  Popsicle sticks shaped like toothbrushes were recently introduced by Colgate and added to ice creams, reminding children to brush their teeth. The message is delivered with taste, and it actually inspires kids to pursue the right things.

    Guerrilla marketing is the past, present, and future of marketing. For decades, brands have been using the same boring and monotonous marketing strategies. As the times change, billboards don’t cut it anymore. To be successful, brands need to surprise and delight their audiences.

  In an age when our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, brands need to start being more creative to catch the attention of consumers. Users are constantly exposed to ads, so ad fatigue is becoming a real concern for businesses in the current international pandemic context and internet usage is increasing by 50% to 70% (source).

  Guerrilla marketing would be a great success. So, how are you planning to implement it for your brand?

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