Smoking causes Blindness

   Guerrilla Marketing is a type of marketing defined as “innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product” (Oxford dictionary), and it is supposed to be cost-effective as well. It’s bold, bigger-than-life, and anything but subtle. It’s also a cost-effective way for small businesses to get their message out there.

   The elements of a successful marketing strategy

  Guerrilla advertising strategies incorporate the following components:

· Guerrilla marketing advertisements should be clever so that consumers think about and interpret the advertisement.

· An advertisement must be compelling to capture the consumers’ attention and make them appreciate it.

· Consumers should be able to relate to the message in an emotional way.

· You should make it interactive, either with the surrounding area or with consumers.

Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing:

1.                       Low-Budget

2.                       A chance to go viral

3.                       Memorable

   In order to raise public awareness of smoking, a social awareness campaign was directed at the public.

   Smoking causes blindness campaigns. Smoking causes cancer campaigns are common, but this one was a bit different.

    For this campaign, a retina would have been designed on the ashtray. Every time the person dusts the cigarette, it will be like they are dusting on the retina of the eye. This will be kept in the smoking zone to raise awareness.

     Optical companies can use this campaign as a social awareness campaign.

  In relation to your brand, you can run a social awareness campaign.

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