Vanakam Makkalae

   Many creative campaigns are being held during corona times. It was to create awareness among people to wear masks, wash their hands regularly, use sanitisers, practise social distancing, etc. We are going to see how HDFC bank incorporated its marketing campaign using its logo to create awareness concerning social distancing.

     HDFC Bank launched a safety grid campaign in the shape of their logo to reiterate social distancing in front of every shop. The Safety Grid will be painted in front of the space leading to various retail outlets such as grocery stores, pharmacies and ATMs. The World Health Organization has prescribed the safety grid distance of 1 metre. So, they decided to paint the bank logo on the ground to create awareness and safety of people being infected by the CoronaVirus. Most of the shops agreed on the offer and the logo was drawn.

This is one of the captivating campaigns. It was extremely popular and reached millions of people. After a few days, SBI bank was impressed by the idea and incorporated the same type of campaign to create awareness regarding social distancing.

  Instead of distributing flyers or installing advertising hoardings and advertising on television channels, these types of innovative ideas reach people effectively and it is also cost-effective. So, the goal of Guerrilla Marketing is eventually met. It would be unique and memorable. Simple and yet coolest marketing ideas always make people look back amazed and wanting to learn more about the product and/or service.

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