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What is B2B2C Marketing?

   A B2B2C business model is one in which a company, rather than directly targeting the consumer market, does so through another company.

However, the B2B2C’s brand or service will be identified by the final consumers. Over time, the company providing the service may have direct access to customers.

    The distinction between B2B and B2C firms appears to be obvious and straightforward in the commercial sector.

There is, however, the third type of business model, which is predominantly built on what appears to be a B2B strategy. The ultimate goal, though, is to establish a B2C company over time.

This business-to-business-to-consumer paradigm is known as B2B2C.

The reasoning is as follows:

If a company can’t have direct access to customers, it will get it through a subsidiary.

That second company will help the first company obtain access to its customers, establish a brand, and expand its customer base over time.

So, in B2B2C, B1 is the producer or the manufacturer brand, B2 is the Intermediate that is e-commerce or e-retailer and the C is the Consumer or end-user.

Benefits of B2B2C Business Marketing:

•  Brand Credibility: A brand establishes credibility by associating with well-known businesses. When a brand they trust recommends your product, customers are more likely to buy it.

•  Customer Data: Customer data is easier to get in this model because it is shared by the collaborating company. It also aids in determining consumer behaviour, buyer profiles, and purchasing preferences based on current trends.

•  Expands Network: The company partners with other businesses and acts through co-branding and shares mutual benefits. The business gives opportunities to expand the business.

•  Overhead Expenses: The manufacturing company need not manage stocks in the warehouse and distribute it to the customers. The whole supply chain is maintained by the mediator and the overhead expenses of the manufacturing company are greatly reduced.

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