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What is Outbound Marketing?

    Outbound Marketing is the method where the customers are approached or informed about the products or services through general media advertisement options such as TV ads or sales calls (push method).

  There was a time when outbound marketing strategies were the most effective way to reach out to a large number of people in a short period of time. With the rise of alternative marketing options, the demand for outbound marketing is dwindling. As a result, outbound marketing options are now available at a much lower cost. Outbound methods of promotion are still very popular, and businesses prefer to use them to promote and advertise their products and services.

  Outbound marketing methods are useful in generating leads. The leads are used by the internal sales representatives to increase the conversion rate and attract potential customers for the company.

79% of B2B marketing professionals view LinkedIn as an excellent source of leads, and Sponsored InMail from one company generated eleven times more leads than email marketing.

Different types of Outbound Marketing:

· Advertisements on television and radio

· Telemarketing/cold-calling

· Marketing via email

· Trade fairs

· Advertisements in newspapers

· Publications in the press

· The use of direct mail (brochures, postcards, catalogues)

· Marketing with a distinct identity (newsletters, pens, key chains, even flash drives)

There are many other examples of outbound marketing besides television, such as radio ads, trade fairs, print ads such as magazines, brochures, flyers, newspaper advertising, etc.

  In the modern era, email marketing and sales calls are also examples of outbound marketing.

Advantages of Outbound Marketing:

1. It Challenged the Test of Time and Survived

2. This is for those without advanced knowledge of technology

3. The feature is an extra option.

 How are you planning to implement Outbound Marketing in your business?

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