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What is Reply Marketing?

    Reply marketing (also known as direct response marketing) is a type of viral marketing in which an advertiser or marketer sends an advertisement or a personalized message directly to a user.

    It is a way of making the customers come back. To take advantage of unique offers, they usually advise customers to “call soon” or “act quickly.”

Because of its interactive characteristics, new web advertising is one of the most frequent forms of response marketing. If a customer’s attention is drawn to an advertisement, they will click on it, bringing them closer to a company’s products.

   Advantages of Reply Marketing:

    The only disadvantage of reply marketing is that the response is so immediate that it discourages long-term customer-company interactions.

Examples of Reply Marketing:

1. Because of the low cost of a reply marketing strategy, many different types of organisations use it. Consider a local snacks shop that runs ads for a free plate of snacks if a customer brings in a printed coupon. That snacks shop can determine the effectiveness of its campaign by how many customers arrive at the shop holding coupons.

2. The “Old Spice Man” was featured in an ad campaign by the Old Spice marketing department in 2010.

   After five months, Twitter users were invited to take part in a live Q&A session with the Old Spice Man himself. His comments were turned into videos, which were subsequently shared on the internet. The videos were viewed by 7 million people as a result of this response marketing tactic, and the “Old Spice Man” was included in an ad campaign by the Old Spice marketing department in 2010.

3. I conduct courses online. When I mail a customer mentioning about the course and send a coupon and ask him to reply, if he wants the offer. If he/she replies, then I give them the discount mentioned in the coupon.

So, how do you make the customers come back to your business? 

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