The goal of guerrilla marketing is to create maximum exposure for a product or service using low-cost marketing techniques. Guerrilla marketing is a term coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984 in his book “Guerrilla Advertising”. The Internet has made guerrilla marketing very popular among marketers.

   Creative thinking is a key component of guerrilla marketing. It uses tactics such as raids, ambushes, and elements of surprise, similar to guerrilla warfare (although from a marketing perspective!). A strategy like this is designed to surprise consumers, leave a lasting impression, and generate a lot of social media buzz. A memorable and lasting impression on consumers is the goal of marketing and advertising as opposed to traditional methods.

    An innovative Guerrilla campaign by Australia’s public transport system deters the public from drawing on buses, walls, etc.

  People will occupy the seats. Those scribbling behind the seats will have their hands tied up and be sent to jail if they do so. In the back of the seat, they placed the photo of the person’s hand that is being tied up with cuffs. The purpose of this is to prevent people from scribbling on public transportation, as well as inform them of the severity of the punishment.

   This campaign reached a lot of people and it was a provocative idea. 

  So, how are you planning to implement these types of ideas in your business?

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