Vanakam Makkalae

  What is B2C marketing? Business to Consumer marketing or B2C marketing refers to the strategies and arrangements through which a firm sells its products and services to individual customers are referred to as B2C marketing. They design, market, and sell things that people may use on a daily basis.

Biggest Challenges of B2C Marketing:

•  Adjusting to increasing customer expectations.

•  Breaking through a crowded social marketplace.

•  Executing the job with limited time and resources.

•  Dealing with data overload, and using customer data.

Essential B2C Marketing tips:

1. Send reminder Emails- Reminder emails work wonders. They keep the brand in the mind of the customers constantly and help in a higher sales drive.

2. Make the customer feel exclusive with VIP programs- The best way to drive customer loyalty and increase engagement is through the power of VIP programs.

3. Retargeting using increasing customer retention- When a website visitor who has been searching your site leaves for another page often that of a rival, customer retargeting is an excellent strategy to deploy.

Why is B2C Marketing personalization important?

  With marketing personalization, B2C firms can engage and communicate with customers individually instead of as members of a group, category, list, or segment.

Advantages of personalization:

•  Personalization helps boost customer loyalty

•  Personalization aids in the improvement and unification of client interactions across many channels.

•  Personalization plays a role in boosting sales and revenues.

Advantages of B2C Marketing:

1. Frees your staff

2. Shrinks the competition gap

3. Unlimited marketplace

4. Lower cost of doing business

5. Removing third party client

6. Business administration made easier

7. More Efficient business relationships 

So, what is your business model and how are you going to implement the ideas?

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