Nike’s Guerrilla Marketing Campaign in Park Viral campaign

   A successful guerrilla marketing campaign should incorporate or embody the values of the brand.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies:

    Guerrilla marketing strategies can be more memorable and have a greater impact because they are very different and usually more unpredictable than traditional marketing activities. Being bold, assertive, and taking a chance are all key elements of successful guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Here are seven tips for creating a successful guerrilla marketing campaign:

· Take a stand

· Give products away

· Be aggressive with follow-up

· Honour your competitor’s coupon

· Use Money

· Use tattoos

· Utilize social networking

  In keeping with its brand personality of pushing one’s limits, Nike makes the perfect example of guerrilla marketing with its history of advertisements.

   The Nike “Just do it” tagline and attitude has become synonymous with the company. As a result, this abstract bench acts as a symbol of the company’s motto.

   Nike’s bench guerrilla campaign in New York provided a motivational jolt of energy as usual. Bench backs were installed with the swoosh logo and “RUN” written on them in parks, while the seating panels were removed since you can’t run when you’re sitting. Effortless, effective, and with a loud and clear message.

   So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing for your brand with your tagline?

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