Vanakam Makkalae

It’s no longer a B2B or B2C world; it’s now a B2P world.B2P is the newest trend. With the development of social media and interaction, it’s become clear that we’re all targeting people: those who make the decisions about whether or not to buy what you’re trying to sell. These people we’re after are consuming media like never before, on a multitude of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.

What is B2P Marketing?

Business-to-people (B2P) marketing recognises distinct individuals who would never be defined in a typical B2C campaign’s market segmentation. B2P marketers engage their business customers as individuals with distinct wants, expectations, and tastes, rather than as a group of companies.

   Business to People (B2P) marketing is conducted by businesses that are willing and also able to get feedback from individual customers. Here the customers are the end customers or other businesses with customers of their own.


·, which uses information about the customer needs with regards to their previous purchases. It will suggest other items for them to buy.

· Nike brand, which allows customers to customize their Air Force ones.

· Dell computer gives a unique chance for the customers to “build their own computers”. They can select the components.

Why do we use B2P Marketing?

1.  It targets the people who make business decisions.

2.  It can be used to identify the past business client to the customers of that client.

3.  The customer’s online activity can be used to channel effective information.

B2P is useful for both businesses and consumers.

Key successes for B2P marketing:

• Provide valuable content on a regular basis.

• Establish a distinct brand persona and voice.

• Maintain constant contact with customers.

• Provide end-user-friendly support.

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