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What is Article Marketing?

  Article marketing is similar to content marketing with a small difference. This is the type of advertising in which companies write articles to a range of channels such as magazines, forums, newsletter publishers, etc.

Article marketing campaigns are usually ranked on content relevancy. To create the highest quality, organic backlinks is the main goal. When an article marketing campaign is executed properly it can attract millions of new visitors to the website at virtually no cost.

   The difference between content marketing and article marketing is that content marketing is executed on your website. Whereas in article marketing, the article is published or used in various places link magazines, hub pages, etc.

  Examples of various types of writers for article marketing:

· A wellness coach writing about health topics to gain more customers.

· A magazine staff trying to increase the sales and online subscriptions.

· Fashion bloggers partnering with brands to promote their product sales.

What are the steps to do Article marketing?

1.         Identify your market niche

2.         Choose article titles that attracts viewers

3.         Write high-quality articles

4.         Locate the summaries of your articles strategically within your site

5.         Make sure to share your articles on social networking sites

6.         Publish articles in article directories.

7.         Offer to write guest posts for blogs.

  Example: Consider a scenario- as an online instructor for Guerrilla marketing techniques, if I invite someone to take my session about the topic and publish it on Youtube. I am using his content. This is called Article marketing.  

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