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What is Youth Marketing?

   Youth Marketing is the marketing strategy that is directed towards young people. Any marketing activity aimed at teens is referred to as youth marketing. Young teens, teenagers, college students, and young adults aged 23-34 compose this category, which is generally divided into smaller segments based on their age. Each market segment has products and advertising campaigns tailored to their needs.  Each market group has its own products and advertising effort. 

   This advertising strategy is not limited to a particular marketing channel. It can be broadcasted on TV, radio, in print and in dozens of forms online. Usually, companies often sponsor music directors, athletes and high school sports teams as a way to insert into youth culture. Once they set a trend, it goes viral among the youth. The youth expect authenticity- they want the brands to reflect youth values and tastes. 

Tips for Youth Marketing:

• Use Student Media,

• Use Text Ads,

• Send out a campus rep,

• Support a cause,

• Make a quick pitch,

• Be Interactive,

• Listen,

• Use Flyers.

Who implements Youth Marketing Strategies?

    A wide range of businesses, particularly those selling consumer products, employ marketing to young people as a strategy. Food, clothes, personal gadgets, and entertainment companies will make significant investments in the youth sector.

   Small businesses stand to benefit as well. Consider a neighbourhood pizza shop that gives college students a good deal. Even businesses that appear to have even less interest in attracting young customers will make an effort to keep their advertising relevant to them. Young people will grow up to be responsible adults who will need to purchase goods like washing machines and life insurance.

  Because they influence the purchasing decisions of their friends and family, young people are extremely valued consumers. Teens can influence where their family vacations, the car they buy, and the clothes their buddies wear in addition to being consumers themselves. When a product or brand is popular among teenagers, it develops a “cool” image.


   The stationary products were designed by a company called Madcap in India that attracted youth. Their targeted segment was Youth and it was a great hit.

  How are you planning to implement this into your business?

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