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What is Remarketing?  Digital marketing techniques are used to give good results as most of the customer’s purchase from online sources. If you are giving the visitors a second chance to become customers, this opportunity is called remarketing. It is essentially creating personalized ad campaigns for users who have previously visited your website or other content.

   The process of remarketing can be narrowed down to 3 major steps:

· The user visits the website or reaches out to online shopping sites to purchase a particular product or brand.

· This particular user is then tagged with a cookie and is added to a remarketing list by the brand/organization.

· The Organization launches a campaign with ads only to users on that list.

Different types of Remarketing:

1.                  Standard- Shows display ads to people who have previously visited a website.

2.                  Dynamic- The ads are personalized depending on the products and services the users were looking at on the website.

3.                  For Mobile Apps: In this case, the ads are shown specifically in apps and on mobile websites.

4.                  For Search Engine Ads: This kind of campaign does not include display ads, but are shown when the users who have already visited the website and are now searching for the same product on Google.

5.                  Video: Here the list is based on the people who have interacted with videos or a Youtube channel. The ads are then shown on the Youtube channel, websites and also in apps.

6.                  By Distribution List: We have a list of people who have subscribed to our newsletter. We choose to have our ads on this particular list.

Advantages of Remarketing for your brand:

§ Maximum Personalisation

§ Increasing your reach

§ Brand Reminder

§ Meeting your marketing goals

§ Increase in Conversions

           So, plan and implement this marketing method for your brand/business or service. 

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