We are going to analyse how to handle the festive wishes in this festivity mode. You may receive pongal wishes from your customers/vendors. They may send messages or gifts.

During the new year time, we saw “How to present gifts?” and Freebie marketing.

So, when you receive messages or gifts from customers/vendors,

Thank you for the love and support. Because from Day 1, I got lots of feedbacks regarding the camera setup, lighting, etc. These feedbacks made me a better content sharer.

   These 200 days is possible – “Just because of you”.

Today we are going to analyse about Zero-Rupee Marketing.

What is Zero Rupee Marketing?

   Basically, we will not have money allotted for marketing in the business. Though we have money, we will analyse and spend fewer amounts for marketing.

   So, how to do value addition?  In my experience of doing 200 days content for 365 days of marketing, I have gotten an investor for my firm- Marketing Mafia.

  I wrote a series in “Nanayam Vikatan”. Also, we have started a series in “Your story”. These all became possible, because of 365 days of marketing.

  So, when you speak and add value with regards to your business, it will reach heights.

Zero Rupee marketing is the Future.

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