What is Guerrilla Marketing?

    A guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that employs unconventional solutions to catch the attention of audiences and to market products, services, or ideas.

Although it is difficult to define, it refers to any type of unconventional promotion, which usually elicits special and memorable reactions or interactions from viewers.

Creative, exciting, lively, energetic, surprising, accessible, breaking the rules, seeking attention, effective, and viral  – characteristics of guerrilla marketing.

   It has two main objectives:

1.           Engaging the audience’s emotions.

2.           A product, service, or idea that will stick in the audience’s mind.

   Energy, time, and imagination are the three most important things for this type of marketing.

 Guerrilla marketing differs significantly from other marketing strategies due to the following characteristics:

· It is not expensive

· It is focused on the size of the audience

· It uses a surprise factor.

  Subway station pillars have been covered with stickers to make them look like large HomePlus supermarket stands. The idea was to make the people entering the subway station feel as if they were entering a HomePlus supermarket. There were no TV/print ads for HomePlus. Due to this unique outdoor campaign, sales for the opening day exceeded expectations by 550%.

  How are you planning to implement sticker type of Guerrilla Marketing in your business? 

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