The South is up in arms about Pulli Raja.

The campaign specifically targets men, but the underlying implication is that women also are the source of AIDS.

He is the most recent icon to overwhelm the South. In the nation of the Rajnikants and Kamal Haasans, an invisible character has succeeded in becoming the topic of conversation at gatherings, chat programmes, and movies. Meet Pulli Raja, the playboy who serves as the spokesperson for the condom advocacy and AIDS prevention message but who never actually appears.

The commercial series is a cooperative PSI effort (US-based Population Services International and the Tamil Nadu Aids Control Society). It’s going well for the campaign so far because there is a lot of chatter about it. But something is wrong with how this transpired, and now protests are erupting, mostly from feminist and puritanical quarters.

When the campaign first began, there were several media teasers asking, “Will Pulli Raja develop AIDS?” from a wide range of people. Even after more than two months of the campaign, the teaser commercials continue to have the most impact.

The subsequent advertisements featured a number of individuals attempting to respond to the query.

Man in Spot 1: Will Pulli Raja contract AIDS?

He will contract AIDS if he visits a woman while drunk and forgets to use a condom.

Position 2: Female: Will Pulli Raja contract AIDS?

Man, client: Why should he go to you if he goes to a healthy woman like you?

(The lady) No, even healthy-looking women can have AIDS, therefore if he doesn’t use a condom, he will catch the disease.

3. Man: Will Pulli Raja contract AIDS?

Why would he visit a regular if he already has one?

No, as if he is co-operating in business with a woman, says his male friend.

What does he know about the person she is seeing when he isn’t there, and does he know if they have AIDS?

So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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