What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a type of marketing that employs unconventional methods in order to attract the interest of consumers toward a particular brand or product.

These methods can be incorporated for a product marketing with low- or no-cost and involve the widespread use of more personal interactions or social media messaging.

Guerilla marketing has been made possible with the rise of ubiquitous mobile and connected technologies that amplifies messaging and focus on target groups of consumers.

One such example for a Guerilla Marketing is the Edition of a poster by Amnesty International, a UK based NGO that protects human rights, in collaboration with TBWA Advertising Agency in the year 2010 against domestic violence to women.

This campaign poster included a picture of a man harassing a woman on a Fashion ramp that seated an audience around it. The advert further reads “Domestic violence is now fashionable”.

While the primary slogan caught the attention of the viewers initially, it further read that it must be stopped and can be stopped using the helpline number given.

This kind of guerilla marketing invests the idea of instigating the readers or viewers through provocative messages or texts. It instantly catches the attention of the audience and markets our desired product or idea easily.

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