Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy where companies use surprise and/or unconventional interactions to market their products or services. Guerrilla marketing refers to a type of publicity stunt. It was popularized by Jay Conrad Levinson’s 1984 book of the same name.

Its goal is to generate buzz around a product or brand.  This would increase the likelihood that customers would buy the product or service or share the information with others.

  Guerrilla marketing has proven to be a valuable technique to catch people off guard and stir an emotional response. A guerrilla campaign’s main advantage is that it is unexpected and appeals to people’s emotions such as happiness, shock, sadness, and humour.

   TV2’s launch of Batman Begins was celebrated by placing stickers on footpath lights, so that when the lights were on, the bat signal was displayed.

   In addition to being an innovative way of attracting attention, stickers are also a highly cost-effective way to create a lasting impression. Businesses that use stickers as their only means of advertising have seen an increase of up to 550% in business. One of the things that makes these stickers so popular is that they are easily customizable, which is probably why they have become so popular.

  So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing strategy in your business?

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