What is Guerrilla Marketing?

   Guerrilla marketing is a type of advertising that focuses on low-cost, innovative marketing strategies that produce high results.

  Guerrilla Marketing History:

    Guerrilla marketing arose as a result of the shift away from traditional print, radio, and television marketing to electronic media. Jay Conrad Levinson originated the term in his 1984 book Guerrilla Marketing. Its purpose is to generate buzz around a product or brand in order to increase the possibility that a customer would buy the product or service or tell others about it. For small businesses, guerrilla marketing can be incredibly cost-effective, especially if they are able to generate a viral marketing phenomenon.

   Example of Guerrilla Marketing by a Driving School:

DVD boxes had special stickers on them with notes about the titles. At the same time, the stickers promoted the advantages of enrolling in a course at the advertised institution.

Get started, Brainstorm, Plan, Execute:

  Any company may execute an effective guerrilla marketing campaign. It does, however, necessitate imagination, perseverance, and meticulous planning. Sit down with your team and discuss what resources and funding you have available for a campaign, as well as what you hope to achieve with one. You’ll find that campaign idea will start flowing in no time! Finally, ignore your reservations. Guerrilla marketing is daring and a little dangerous. At the end of the day, there’s only one thing to do: take a deep breath and jump.

So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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