Guerrilla Marketing is a type of unusual marketing strategy employed by most brands and small businesses throughout the world to promote their products. In the 1980s, Jay Conrad Levinson introduced or popularised it.

He penned various articles and books on guerrilla marketing techniques that aided several firms in their efforts to raise awareness.

Guerrilla marketing focuses on creating a buzz among consumers that can assist a brand in gaining more profit. The major goal of this form of marketing strategy is to get as much customer attention as possible with a limited budget. Most marketers want to develop unexpected and memorable marketing tactics that will help consumers remember the product/brand for a long time.          

People in the media are given everything for free. So a delicious cake showing up for morning tea wasn’t out of the ordinary. When they started cutting slices, though, they hit a snag. They concealed a file into the cake to advertise the return of the popular TV3 show Prison Break. The influencers were left with a simple message once the file was removed: “Prison Break returns 19th Nov TV3.”

First, the curiosities of the people were triggered and then they were revealed the surprise about the “Prison Break” series release.

So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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