Burger King Valentine’s Day Campaign has a cure for loneliness.

    With their Valentine’s Day Campaign, Burger King wants to do something special for the loneliest person they know as they continue their love-hate relationship with McDonald’s.

          Customers who submit a selfie with the “lonely man” and tag Burger King India on February 14 will receive a free whopper from the company as part of their Valentine’s Day campaign.

     Throughout the video advertisement, the campaign never explicitly reveals the brand mascot or says their archrival’s brand name. A pre-buzz post advertising Burger King’s “heartfelt” effort served as its introduction.

The campaign capitalises on the current Valentine’s season trend, which focuses on singles, and was conceptualised and carried out by Famous Innovations using social media execution strategy developed by FoxyMoron.

According to a corporate spokesman, Valentine’s Day is sometimes portrayed as a series of glamorous celebrations of love between couples, and the concept for the campaign came from Burger King’s inherent character of “simply being who you are.” This Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate the loners for a change, was the campaign’s original slogan.

       If the effort is effective, in addition to eliminating its main opponent, it will also result in high engagement and user-generated content.

     Through their campaigns, Burger King has continued to be creative while (flame) grilling McDonald’s. A complimentary Whopper burger was offered by Burger King in 2017 to everyone who attended Halloween in clown attire.

   So, how are you planning on implementing Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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