The goal is to come up with a creative way to represent a company. Guerrilla marketing should astound consumers, leave a lasting impact, and generate a lot of social media conversation.

  Guerrilla Marketing by Cadbury:

                  Cadbury has come up with some very clever guerrilla marketing, literally. Cadbury understood the problems of elderly people and released their chocolates with no message or branding in it. This was to express the reality of the older people sufferings that are untold.

   The campaign went viral.

Guerrilla Marketing: 4 Advantages

·     Fantastic on a limited budget. Using unorthodox advertising strategies to connect with customers in fresh and engaging ways is the essence of guerrilla marketing.

·     Go Viral

·     Create partnerships.

·     Distinctive and enduring.

·     It is affordable to do guerrilla marketing.

  Return on marketing investment or Marketing Investment. Due to the unique strategy of going guerrilla, guerrilla marketers from all over the world have seen reductions in their advertising budget of up to 90%.

 So, how are you planning to implement these types of unique Guerrilla Marketing techniques in your business?

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