The brilliant Fevikwik Todo Nahi Jodo TV commercial was created to combat all the hostility surrounding the highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan match at the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. And the pioneers of Indian advertising, Pidilite, have done outstanding work with their most recent Fevikwik Todo Nahi Jodo promo. The timing of the television advertisement (TVC) couldn’t have been better, since the hostilities between the two countries have grown more acrimonious.

  The historic Wagah Border shutting ceremony, also known as The Beating the Retreat event, is the backdrop of the Fevikwik Todo Nahi Jodo TVC. Since 1959, Pakistan Rangers and India’s Border Security Force have jointly carried out this daily military ritual.

    In this video, two soldiers from the respective nations are shown executing the ceremony, until something unexpected happens! The Indian officer observes that the Pakistani officer’s shoe sole is damaged. He then assists him by giving Fevicol so that he can stick it. All Indians will be elated about this.

Furthermore, the Pakistani security commander appreciates the soldier’s assistance. This advertisement will eventually emphasise the idea that it is better to unite rather than divide neighbouring countries.

  For Indian and Pakistani admirers, Fevikwik Todo Nahi Jodo has only offered joy moving forward.

So, how are you planning on using innovative guerrilla marketing techniques in your business?

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