The 90-second clip, which Ogilvy created for Pidilite Industries, is the height of creativity and kindness.

         As Fevicol celebrates 60 years of creating bonds in 2019, this advertisement effectively captures the bonds that Indians have with one another and demonstrates how a common household item called a “Sofa,” which is constructed from “Fevicol,” has been able to hold Indian families together throughout time.

   In a traditional Indian household, a “Sofa” denotes comfort. a piece of furniture that every living room needs. It’s a spot in the home where you may unwind after a long day, read the morning paper, watch your mother or wife chop vegetables while you watch soap operas, or enjoy some lovely times with visitors.

The reason the sofa is at the centre of this advertisement is that when a couple gets married and embarks on a new journey, moves into a new home, or builds a new one, the furniture (such as the sofa and the almirah) provides the structure for their new home.

And when this sofa or furniture is constructed using Fevicol, it will last forever, much like your relationship:

       The movie opens with a shy woman named Sharmain getting married and bringing her new family a two-seater sofa in the late 1960s. Right now, the print is in black and white. The ‘Sharmain’ woman is seen performing housework in the frames that follow.

       Later, the same woman marries off her younger sister since she is a responsible woman. This marks the start of the 1980s. From a small hamlet to a joint family in a new city, the sofa has been moved.

       The next frame, set in the early 21st century, introduces a shrewd collector with a nuclear family, a private residence, a car owned by the government, and servants. While sitting on the same sofa as him and their kids, his wife watches television.

    It should be observed that even if the sofa has been updated, the Fevicol bond keeps it together, suggesting that Indian culture and values bind generations together.

Finally, we look at the younger generation that had love marriages.

        Take note of this change. From a bashful woman in her early 60s to a millennial woman who stepped up to marry her loved one, she has come a long way. From the housewife who performed household duties to the lady whose beloved offers to prepare her a calming tea.

    The journey of Sofa over the past 60 years is highlighted in the final 30 seconds of the movie. Build your furniture with a Fevicol bond that will last forever.

So, how are you planning to add an emotional marketing touch to your brand?

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