What is Guerrilla Marketing?

     Guerrilla marketing gained popularity after Levinson’s book Guerrilla Marketing, published in 1983, clarified its concept. In comparison to traditional marketing techniques, the new promotion methods he created need relatively little cost and produce superior outcomes. He built a marketing campaign strategy’s effectiveness on using unconventional marketing channels, being persistent, being close to the target audience, and being patient. To stay in the minds of consumers and prospects, a business should establish as many points of contact as it can.

G for H campaign by Gold Winner:

   Gold Winner is a key player in the Indian branded edible oil business. This southern Indian brand first appeared in 1995. Initially a price fighter, this brand has evolved into a respectable one.

    The brand’s DNA was revealed in those straightforward equations. This finding altered the brand’s entire personality. I’m not suggesting Gold Winner made a ground-breaking discovery.

  All marketers of edible oils marketed their goods on the basis of health. On the basis of the health platform, Sundrop and Suffola held their respective markets. But Gold Winner’s implementation of the Common Idea was what I found to be appealing.

   They associated health with brand. When they say stabilizer, what brand comes into your mind. When they say Aadi offer, what brand comes into your mind.

   Try to associate your brand with what people think. Plan your marketing strategies according to that.

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