What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an effective marketing strategy that has been around for decades. As it began as a strategy for small businesses on a tight budget, guerrilla marketing quickly attracted the attention of large corporations.

      In order to increase sales, brand awareness, and loyalty, businesses should consider guerrilla marketing.

  What are Guerrilla Marketing Components?

Guerrilla marketing tactics should be relevant, creative, and able to grab the attention of your audience. For best results, however, they should also meet the following criteria.

• Clear

• Memorable

• Interactive

• Love-Inspiring

• Original.

The campaign by an agency called Grey:

   An agency called Grey in China did a social because Guerrilla Marketing Campaign called “Green Peace”.

    Every day, over 4000 children die from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water. Around 780 million people around the world lack access to clean water, but many are unaware of the extent of the problem.

  So, they stuck a sticker on the floor which depicts a child drinking contaminated water. Whenever people crossed by, they noticed this. The impact in the minds of people was high. It did make a revelation.

     In India, people have never stuck stickers on the floor. Only recently, SBI and HDFC were marketed through these types of techniques.

There are numerous opportunities waiting in this type of Guerrilla Marketing. How are you planning to implement this idea in your business? 

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