Guerrilla Marketing:

  Guerrilla marketing is the employment of creative, unconventional strategies to increase sales or spark interest in a product or company. These techniques frequently entail low- or no-cost usage of more casual contacts or through viral social media messaging.

 Guerrilla Marketing by Fevicol:

     Remember the iconic commercial with a packed bus driving through the desert…        As a viewer, you couldn’t help but wonder how each passenger managed to stay fastened to the bus and maintain their grasp. The board that read “Fevicol – the ultimate adhesive” that was affixed to the back of the bus served as a last message to the audience. If you dig a little deeper into the archives, you’ll discover an endless reel of amazing commercials made by Piyush Pandey, the global chief creative officer of Ogilvy and Pidilite, the owner of the adhesive brand.

Fevicol has turned 60 and has a trunk full of great advertisements. “An adhesive product is among the top consumer brands alone in India, according to Bharat Puri, MD of Pidilite Industries.

  So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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