What is Guerrilla Marketing?

  Guerrilla marketing eliminates combat while utilising surprise or ambush elements to create a memorable marketing experience. The purpose is to develop memorable experiences with a big impact on a tighter budget. Because of this, guerrilla marketing is a fantastic option for small businesses.

   Guerrilla Marketing by Imperial Blue:

  “Men will be men” is a proverb that Imperial Blue used to illustrate a number of situations. With this additional humorous and wholly captivating slice of life advertisement, they have done it again.

 There are 2 men and a woman in the lift and these 2 men would tuck their belly in and let it out when the woman leaves.

Over the years, this series has stigmatised women to the point where they believe it is acceptable for men to be avaricious, possessive, lustful, and materialistic. Women have been presented as objects of desire. We have never witnessed their protagonists displaying genuine human feeling. In these advertisements, they never seem to have any regard for other people, not even for their own family. Imperial Blue still normalises and represents this type of inappropriate behaviour at a time when there is a global discussion about how men should be held accountable for it.

   However, the ad went trending and caught the attention of many people. SO, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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