This Valentine’s Day, KITKAT wants customers to go above and beyond the norm and show their love to everyone who makes them smile during breaks, whether it’s their best friend, a new neighbour, or an online classmate. By urging consumers to re-connect with those who matter in their lives, the campaign expands on the idea of “Life Hai, KITKAT Break Banta Hai.”

KITKAT Love Breaks has a variety of funny, amusing messages from which to convey your affection. Furthermore, when two packs are combined, the completed message becomes even more intriguing.

  Nikhil Chand, Director of Foods and Confectionery for Nestlé India, said on the campaign’s launch: “Over the last 25 years, KITKAT’s positioning of “Have a Break, Have a KITKAT” has helped millions of Indians enjoy breaks with delicious, crispy KIT KAT fingers.

Our Love Break campaign is in response to the need of today’s youth to reconnect with individuals in all kinds of relationships and express their love for those who make their breaks special. They can communicate in a way that best suits their particular connection thanks to the range of messages on the packets.

  So, how are you planning to implement a theme and run your advertisement for your business?

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