What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a type of advertising that focuses on low-cost, innovative marketing strategies that produce high results.


     The Lay’s potato chip out of home piece called tubers in the tubes, which was installed in the Chicago subway in 2009, received a lot of attention. The campaign’s goal was to highlight the fact that the chips are made from potatoes grown in the United States.

The lifelike OOH piece appeared to be sprouting potatoes from the ceiling. “Our potatoes are cultivated closer than you think,” reads the ad’s tagline.

  The billboard installations received a lot of media attention. Consumers could find out where potatoes used in specific packets of chips were farmed as a follow-up to the billboards. On the company’s website, there was a Chip Tracker that utilised a particular code on the bag.

  The massive potato chip company was cashing in on the locavore (local food) movement. Every year, the trend toward buying locally grown and reared food gained traction.

It’s unusual for a large firm, let alone a snack food manufacturer, to try to get into this market. Frito Lay was targeting customers who desire healthier food that is locally sourced.

  Despite the fact that purists argued that Frito-Lay farms were more industrial than mom-and-pop, the campaign was well received by consumers. They liked how the classic snack food had a homey feel to it.

       Television advertising was also part of the campaign. More than 80 farmers in their fields from 27 states lauded their potatoes and the chips manufactured from them in unique advertising.

   So, how are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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