How is Guerrilla Marketing different from normal marketing?

    A series of marketing techniques known as guerilla marketing are used to launch a marketing campaign for a far lower price than it would ordinarily cost.

     Despite the limited investment budget, the impact should, of course, be greater. Guerrilla marketing, in other words, serves as a magnifying glass for a marketing campaign’s impact.

  Advertising in traditional marketing focused primarily on large budgets, widespread exposure, and snappy taglines. All that mattered to advertisers was making money and acquiring new clients. The brilliant marketer Jay Conrad Levinson is credited with coining the term “guerrilla marketing,” which was first used to describe an uncommon method of advertising that depends on creativity, time, and effort. Contrast this with traditional marketing, which merely attempted to win people over with its big names through glitz and glamour. Guerrilla marketing, on the other hand, shows that this is no longer the case. Guerrilla marketing has been increasingly popular among businesses in recent years, even the well-established ones.

Guerrilla Marketing by Saregama:

     Saregama which is a music industry took a social responsible cause and inserted a sensor near the signal. It was mentioned as #HonkResponsibly. When the horn sound increases more than 90 decibel , the waiting time of the signal increases and make the people wait for a longer time. So, people were aware of not to honk unnecessarily.

  Saregama took this initiative to reduce the noise pollution which went viral and increased the brand awareness.

   So, how are you going to take a cause and increase your brand awareness.

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