Guerrilla marketing is a one-of-a-kind and very successful approach to promote your company. While traditional forms of advertising might be costly, guerrilla marketing is a less expensive alternative that can yield significant effects.

Guerrilla marketing gives your business the exposure it needs to stand out from the competition by utilising unique strategies such as street promotions, social media campaigns, and even Product Sampling.


This form of marketing tactic can be utilised to interrupt customers’ daily habits without jeopardising their comfort. Making a memorable experience requires the element of surprise.

Depending on your company’s goals, guerrilla marketing can boost social media engagement, generate buzz, and raise brand awareness. As a result, these outcomes can improve your company’s financial line and change the perception of your brand among current and potential customers.

Guerrilla Marketing by Snap Chat:

This social media platform desired to make a name for itself in the market. It intended to generate interest and get people curious about what it was.

    The company began a campaign in which they put its emblem on billboards but did not include their name. People were intrigued by a white blob on a neon yellow background and began looking into it.

    During this time, Snapchat grew in popularity and officially entered the market.

How are you planning to implement these techniques in your business?

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