Conrad Levinson, the inventor of guerrilla marketing, famously said: “Guerrilla marketers don’t rely on the force of an enormous marketing budget. They rely on the power of a strong imagination instead. And this still holds true today just as it did then.

   Originality and inventiveness are essential to guerrilla marketing, when little budgets are preferred over large ones.

Guerrilla marketing’s primary goal is to popularise a product or brand by developing an engaging campaign. Marketers typically try to choose some distinctive, innovative marketing tactics that can catch users’ attention like making extra-large billboards that could be more appealing to the eye.

Guerrilla Marketing by Volkswagen:

     With the new cars they offer, Volkswagen wants to expand the sale of optional equipment. Therefore, we had to think of concepts that would both describe the features and excite people about them. The park assist is just one of these functions.

   In Germany, an expert campaign with the title “Hedgehog and Fish” was released in November 2012. It was developed by the advertising firm DDB for the Volkswagen brand. This print media campaign features one media asset and is targeted towards the automotive sector. It was delivered more than nine years ago.

  How are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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