A marketing strategy that promotes a company in an unconventional or controversial way. The goal is to produce great results cheaply so as to capture the public’s attention in a more memorable manner.

Guerrilla marketing can be spread via viral marketing or word-of-mouth. In this way, a brand can gain attention and free publicity. To get people talking, all that is needed is creative thinking to come up with inexpensive techniques.

Characteristics of Guerrilla marketing:

· They use ad space in an unconventional and creative way.

· The point can be made without using words.


   A razor was kept in a box of eggs by Wilkinson Razor. A transparent sticker resembling a man’s face has also adhered to the eggs. It depicts a freshly shaved face. Isn’t lateral thinking amazing? The item (razor) has nothing to do with the egg. The concept is one-of-a-kind and unique.

    In the world of virtual events, guerrilla marketing empowers your organization. Explore your options and remember that there are countless possibilities. From the unusual to the conventional, every campaign is different and has the potential to be successful for your brand. Never limit your company to one set of tactics. Consider all possibilities.  

  Consider an example like this and how you can apply it to your business.

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