What is Guerrilla Marketing?

   Guerrilla marketing is an original and imaginative technique to advertise your company. It entails employing inexpensive or free techniques to spread your message and frequently makes use of unforeseen situations.

    Guerrilla marketing may be quite successful at spreading your reputation, despite the fact that it might be risky. It can create a lot of buzz for your company if done properly.

Guerrilla Marketing by Zara Tapas Bar:

   When it came time to depart, they were shocked to see Yamraj (the Hindu God of Death according to Hindu Mythology) sitting at the backseat of their car. The Chennai City Traffic Police and Zara Tapas Bar recorded a brief video of people drinking. Yamraj issues a “drink and get driven” brochure as a warning, advising people to hire a driver to take them home.

     The campaign’s goal was to raise public awareness of the problem of drunk driving while also building brand recognition through the distribution of a pamphlet.

     The campaign was carried out digitally via Facebook and YouTube.  It was also mentioned on the local newspapers immediately the next day of its upload.

So, how are you planning to use a cause to increase your brand awareness?

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