Campaign by Udayam Parupu- #PasspoertIllamaForeignPolama

   The trending campaign tag in the TN market across all mass media and social media is “Passport ilama foreign ah?”. The campaign, produced by Chennai-based independent creative and media agency Vinisha Vision Advertising, has piqued the audience’s interest.

   The managing director of Vinisha Vision Advertising, K V Kathiravan, is an expert at developing high-intensity campaigns. He has previously developed dozens of word play-based teaser campaigns for many of his clients, and his most recent genius move for Udhaiyam Dhall has caused waves in the industry and kept households guessing. He explained the concept behind the 360-degree campaign and the tactics he used to generate as much attention as possible.

A campaign’s universal objective is to offer clients a great deal of value. The ideation portion of the approach began with how and what novel insights we could provide into an existing market given the present business situation.

    They wanted to stand out of regular crowd hence; they persisted on giving the best to their client “Udhaiyam Dhall” with whom they travelled for more than a decade now.

   With the freedom given by their clients out of trust, they strategized the campaign from scratch. The tag that created waves “Passport ilama foreign ah?” The key line that was born out of the managing director’s creativity. They had planned to play with the word gimmick to easily connect with the public, provide value and also, encourage a debate.     With these deals, they aimed to reach out to those who refuse to even apply for a passport, claiming that doing so would be unnecessary given their style of life, which makes travelling abroad a mere dream. For the advantage of these clients, we had developed the concept of a foreign trip that includes assisting them in obtaining passports and carrying the processing charge in addition to visa processing and travel costs. For many people throughout the state, this would be like their dream coming true.

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