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What is Philanthropic Marketing?

   Building a campaign based on a social cause is called Philanthropic Marketing. Philanthropic is mostly the same as cause-related marketing. A philanthropic donation involves giving money to a worthy cause on a large scale, but philanthropy goes far beyond donations.

How to make it happen?

     With corporate philanthropies, marketing should always begin with the people. Face-to-face interactions in the community are so important when it comes to philanthropic work.

To fully understand your audience, you need to understand their challenges and their experiences. Find out what they need. Is there anything your company can do to help support them better?

  At the end of the day, it’s about more than just money. Showing up, donating time and energy, and showing how much you care are all important. Therefore, it is advantageous to engage employees in the process as well.

The work done by the team will reflect how passionate they are about the cause. As word spreads, the ball will start rolling in the right direction.


· Several trees were planted by Bisleri as a philanthropic activity.

· KFC’s daily meal campaign.

· Coke built a campaign where the town uses their bottles for lighting up the village.

Benefits of Philanthropy:

· According to experts, charitable giving enhances one’s emotional and even physical well-being, and philanthropists enjoy knowing they have made a positive impact on society.

· Depending on the study, philanthropists may live longer and have less depression, higher self-esteem, lower blood pressure, and even lower blood sugar levels.

· Philanthropy does not benefit only individuals. Companies that support charitable giving reap a wealth of benefits. They can build a better reputation, create more brand awareness, and attract new partners and talent by doing so.

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