Vanakam Makkale.

What is Pull Marketing?  

      When you want to draw customers to your product, pull marketing is best for you. The main goal of pull marketing is to create loyal customers by providing marketing that showcases what they are looking for. It is also referred to as a pull promotional strategy. Pull marketing has great benefits for the eCommerce business. It mostly happens through word of mouth.

         In pull marketing, you will run campaigns for your product or service and people will follow the lead and request your service. Examples of pull marketing: Product placement, social media marketing, corporate sponsorship, content marketing and native advertising.

    I did this pull marketing for my surprise planners business, The lead did not work out for me. I usually concentrate on Facebook views.

    Another example for Pull marketing is 365 days of marketing that focuses mainly for entrepreneurs. They will listen to this and will be persuaded to buy my courses. The Pull market is tough but cost-effective.

      This is the time where consumers educate themselves on products and services, pull marketing has become vital to markets with heavy saturation like clothing companies or newly designed apps. Pull marketing gives an insight as to how unique you are as a brand. However, pull strategies rely heavily on storytelling.

Advantages of Pull Marketing:

· It creates customer loyalty.

· It helps an alternative to differentiate a normal product from its competitors.

· From a technical point of view, it can make customers attracted to a mediocre product.

Disadvantages of Pull Marketing:

· It is difficult to create a message that would attract customers.

So, explore if the pull marketing strategy will work for your business.

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