Together with Ollie Locke, Chloe Madeley, James Haskell, and Megan Crabbe, Durex is on a quest to challenge conventional Valentine’s Day customs and encourages us to explore and enjoy ourselves sexually every day of the year.

   According to research, one in two individuals experience pressure to have “their best sex” on Valentine’s Day.

• Durex is releasing three special digital greeting cards that ask, “Why wait?” and “Yes to experiencing excellent sex any day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day?” (whatever your status during lockdown).

 According to Lindsay Forbes, category marketing manager for Durex, “Durex puts a strong emphasis on challenging the norms that stand in the way of our sexual enjoyment. We are aware that people prioritise exploring their sexual fulfilment every day over focusing on having their best sex on special occasions. We are overjoyed to collaborate with Ollie Locke, Chloe Madeley, James Haskell, Megan Crabbe, and illustrator Ruby Taylor to design these lovely e-cards and encourage people to enjoy wonderful sex whenever they want, free from constraints, stigmas, and preconceptions.

 “What better time than now to try nice, safe, and consensual sex with yourself or with your partner within the mandated restrictions?” asks an adult. “The present winter lockdown here in the UK provides adults even more of a reason to do so. Any day now is the perfect time to start experimenting with and enjoying fantastic sex and Durex is here to make it possible. Why wait for satisfying sex on those marked occasions on the calendar? It’s time to maximise those 365 days of the year and satisfy your sexual desires.

So, how are you planning to think out of the box to market your business product? 

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