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What is In-Game Marketing?

An in-game marketing tactic is one that involves advertising within a game.

Currently, mobile games and gaming consoles are everywhere, so businesses can place their static ads and promotional videos in interesting places.

      If you market your product in the context of a game, your advertisements are pretty much guaranteed to catch the attention of your target audience.

Finding the right ad for the right audience is the key.

A zombie game plus McDonald’s commercial = in-game marketing.

Who implements In-Game Marketing?

   Corporate giants almost exclusively employ the in-game marketing strategy. The Global reach of video games makes it the most attractive to international brands to display their images in games. Millennials are a lucrative target audience for retailers, and video games are a helpful tool.

Classic Examples of In-Game Marketing:

M.C.Kids– When McDonald’s released a game for the original Nintendo, they began using in-game marketing to promote their products. In order to get back the Hamburgler’s stolen burgers, the players had to track him down. McDonald’s was dissatisfied with the final product and did not do much to publicize the game.

Nokia-The main feature in Splinter Cell is the gadgets and the gear. Nokia advertised its cell phones to coincide with the high-tech gear used by the hero of the game.

   A company’s commitment to gamers determines the extent of its in-game marketing plan.

An organization needs to assess its objectives and resources before deciding what kind of plan to pursue.

A key aspect of any in-game marketing campaign is choosing the right product for the right game.

So, how are you planning to implement In-Game marketing in your business?

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