What is Intent-Based Marketing and why is it important?

  Intent-based marketing is defined as directing marketing campaigns to consumers whose online behaviour indicates purchase intentions. You can see the goods or services that your target market is looking into online thanks to B2B intent data. Intent-based marketing aids in campaign decision-making and marketing effectiveness.

  With intent-based marketing, you may direct more resources toward a segment of your target market that is more likely to make a purchase. Based on the intent information you have this. Your conversion rates will increase as a result of the higher quality leads you create.

    The primary focus of intent-based marketing is external data. You can learn from intent data what your target market is looking up on other websites. Actually, % of B2B buyers looks up products online before making a purchase.


·    Intent-based marketing will reduce marketing costs.

·    Intent-based marketing makes campaigns more effective.


What is Interest Based Marketing?

  Interest-based advertising is the only method that allows you to target a specific category on specific web pages related to keywords. Compared to other methods, this one gives you the most control over your advertising strategy.

   The e-commerce business has a high demand for this type of behavioural advertising, which raises the question “why?”

        It enables you to stop selecting the websites and pages to showcase your items on and instead shows them to users who fit specific criteria based on their internet browsing activity.

     With interest-based advertising, you are not chasing after a potential consumer while hoping to attract them; rather, you are directly addressing interested website users.


·    Provide you with numerous advantages over competitors, and

·    Drive more purchase-aimed leads back to your store.

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