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What is Offensive Marketing?

   When more than one company markets the same kind of product, Offensive marketing strategy is incorporated. In this case, each company receives only a percentage of all the sales in that category of product.    

In this Scenario, each company has a market share and the company that works diligently to gain more market share against competition by directly criticizing the competitor’s business plan, and taking away its market is described as the Offensive Marketing strategy.  It is described as a war between brands.

  The only requirement to employ this strategy is that the organization has to be in direct competition with another one. The organisation can be small-medium sized companies or large corporations.  The strategy focuses on attracting customers who already prefer a competing company or customers who are not sure of which products they become loyal to.      

The Offensive marketing strategy can be a complex strategy because it has to communicate the strength of its own products and must be aware of the competitor’s products strength and weaknesses. Before planning to implement this strategy, the competitor’s advantages and disadvantages should be identified.   

The effects of the strategy must be analyzed upon their own business. Also, the effects of Offensive marketing campaigns should be closely monitored and people’s opinion about the campaign should be recorded based on the customer’s survey.

There are different types of Offensive Marketing:

1.                      Frontal Attack

2.                      Flank Attack

3.                      Bypass Attack

4.                      Guerrilla Attack.

The main purpose of the Offensive strategy is to weaken the leader, acquire market share and establish a boost in sales.


Audi and BMW.

These luxury car makers create their cars in a unique way and also design creative and witty advertisements.

The latest Audi video commercial is playing a new spot suggesting their own supply crunch with a sentence “More people are leaving BMW, Mercedes and Lexus for Audi than ever before”.

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