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What is Shotgun Marketing?

     Shotgun Approach refers to a marketing strategy where marketers make use of different types of advertisements (both above and below the line) in order to reach as many potential customers as possible

Usually, this situation occurs when an organization’s target audience is too diverse to target one segment exclusively. . It is also called “Mass Marketing”.         

Features of Shotgun approach:

1.                  There is a greater emphasis on reaching the maximum number of people than on return on investment.

2.                  Enhanced visibility of the brand on multiple channels is due to the broad Target Audience.

3.                  Features and advertisements of the products will be generic.

4.                  It is vital to have a big marketing budget.

Examples of Shotgun Approach:

1.             Netflix

2.             Walmart

3.             Colgate

4.             Coco cola

5.             Paypal

Shotgun Marketing can be helpful in many different situations:

· This marketing strategy can be used if you don’t know who your target audience is. Identifying and sorting your target audience can increase your marketing expenses. Therefore, it is better to show ads to all the selected audiences.

· A way to narrow down your target audience. The campaign is aimed at a large number of people. You can then filter results based on audience engagement.

· If you already have an engaged audience, you can target them with a lookalike audience campaign on Facebook.

· Digital marketers often employ shotgun marketing to test their campaigns. The company creates a campaign and runs it with a large audience.

   Once an ad campaign has ended, Facebook generates information about different audiences who were engaged with your campaign. With the data, you can filter out what kind of audience can be your customer.

· Market research can be done with it. You can survey a group of consumers and study them.

So, how are you planning to implement this marketing in your business?

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