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What is Telemarketing?

                Telemarketing is the direct marketing of goods or services to customers over the phone. Mostly the telemarketing is carried out by telemarketers or automated robocalls. Telemarketing is also called “Telesales”.

  How does Telemarketing work?

  Telemarketing involves the practice of contacting, assessing, and talking to potential customers. The telemarketers usually work from a call center, an office or a home. Mostly, once you find that the person has interest in the product or service through a call, you can make follow-up calls to pursue a sale.  

   Telemarketing is used for most of businesses including profitable businesses, non-profit charities, political groups, marketing research, and other kinds of organizations.

  Telemarketing Activities:

    Telemarketing can be divided into 4 categories:

1.                  Outbound:

    Customers are reached out through outbound telemarketing calls called “Cold Calls”

2.                  Inbound:

    The telemarketing calls that are made out of the customers interest in the product through filing a form and are called “Warm calls”

3.                  Lead Generation:

  In this step, the information about the customer like their profiles, interests are collected.

4.                  Sales:

   The telemarketers are trained to close the deal on the phone.

Benefits of Using Telemarketing:

· It provides more interactive and personal sales service and support

· It helps you to create an immediate connection with your customers

· You can explain the technical issues more clearly

· The ability to generate leads is high

· You can increase your sales territory by selling from a distance

· The customers can be reached more with in-person sales calls.

How are you planning to implement Telemarketing in your business?

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