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What is Voice Marketing?

Using audio content or live video, voice marketing enables brands, businesses, and influencers to communicate with their target audiences.

   Voice Marketing can be an alternative approach to video production that is costly. A sound studio doesn’t have to be hired for voice marketing. It is as easy as recording it at home.

  Also, voice marketing makes it easily accessible to the audience on the go.

Voice Marketing Trend:

1.                  Podcasts:

   115 million people listen to a podcast every week, with listeners of an average of 7 shows per week.

  The Podcast audience is expected to double from 2020 to 2023.

2.                  Clubhouse and Twitter spaces:

 The Clubhouse is an audio social network, where users can join and listen to discussions with leaders and entrepreneurs across the world.

Both the large and small businesses are testing out opportunities for marketing in Clubhouse.

Twitter, which is a text-based platform, is planning to roll out a voice chat room feature called Spaces.

  Platforms like Clubhouse and Spaces provide an opportunity to promote your product and services in a unique and creative way.

3. Voice Assistants:

  Voice Assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, Echo has made it easier for people to purchase things like grocery, clothes, etc with technology.

  Voice marketing is gaining traction and people find new ways to make use of the content on-the-go.

Benefits of Voice Marketing:

1. Voice searches and devices are on the rise

2. Intent to Search is Stronger

3. It produces faster results

4. Local businesses are most likely to benefit

5. Provides a better customer experience

The voice commerce industry is anticipated to reach $40 billion in sales by 2022. Business and search marketing are undergoing rapid changes. How do you plan on implementing it in your business?

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