The bold Durex commercials’ designers continually produce eye-catching, attention-grabbing advertisements. These advertisements are not just funny, perplexing, compromising, or outright cocky, but also highly intelligent without being blatantly explicit.

     These clever and ingenious Durex advertisements have frequently shocked and horrified people, but they also frequently make people smile.

Implications :

    Businesses, particularly those that deal with more explicit items, merely need to study provocatively successful advertising campaigns like these to learn how to draw in customers.     

The ability to both entertain and inform your target market is a major advantage depending on your target demographic, and clever businesses know that society is becoming more accepting of marketing that tests the limits.

     The condom brand Durex has been in existence for many years. But what we adore about it is how it keeps reinventing itself in its advertisements. Durex is the only company that has been effective in discussing sex without objectifying women.

    Its clever print and web commercials are witty, clever, and effective. Here are some outstanding internet and print advertisements from Durex that should serve as a lesson for all other manufacturers.

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